Our Leaders

Our leadership Team are the Elders of Gateway 2 New Life. They cover the main issues of the church in Launceston, Bodmin and Truro. Their mandate is to work with the Senior Pastor to guide spiritual growth and to deal with the business needs of the church.

Senior Pastor

Since starting Gateway 2 New life in May 2010, John has been the Senior Pastor. His call into ministry began when reading a book called ‘Leadership for New Life’ by David Pytches while being a member of an Anglican Church in Halsetown, St.Ives. He was talking about Apostolic Leadership.

Once the nature of this gifting is recognised, many frustrated apostles will emerge from the ecclesiastical woodwork. They have a drive about them – an urgent ‘woe is me if I preach not the Gospel’ to outsiders.

They are more than evangelist – they see beyond the lost soul to the churches that they must plant – churches that can reproduce themselves. They are convinced that by all means it must be done.

John has been married to Sally for 40 years and they have two children and six grandchildren. John has recently written and released a book called Nothing but the truth?.

Church Elder

Graham, a true Cornishman, and Yvonne, brought up in Northern Ireland, have been married since 1989 and have two children,  Christy is married to Tom and now lives in Oxford, and Sheridan.

Both Graham and Yvonne have both been Christians since they were children.

In the past they have been involved with youth ministry and children's work and currently Yvonne organises the Gateway4kids program with the team of talented and enthusiastic teachers.

Graham is a farmer and they together run a self catering holiday business near Launceston.

They are both passionate about connecting with people and seeing lives changed with God at the centre, no matter what their age, and then empowering them to fulfil their own dreams and change the world.

Finance Elder

Richard, who is married to Lesley, became a Christian as a teenager through what is now Urban Saints and grew very much as a believer during time at University, including being baptised in both water and The Spirit at that time.

He has been an active member of several churches since then and has been getting to know God better in recent years through both the encouragement and discipline of the Lord.

He runs his own practice of Chartered Accountant from home.

Church Elder

Paul and Sarah have been with Bodmin Gateway 2 New Life since the church started in May 2014. Both became Christians in their thirties and forties, after trying to do life their own way and realising there must be more than this.

Paul has lived in Cornwall for over 30 years and married Sarah in 2013 when she then moved to Cornwall from Surrey. Although Paul’s two children are now adult, they have two lovely granddaughters and a rather eccentric cat.

Since joining Elim Gateway Church Bodmin they have been involved in running “Intentional Health” a programme based on Christian principles to help people become and stay healthy. They have also run a goal setting LIFE group and Alpha courses which introduce people to Christianity and give them a chance to ask questions.

Both work full time as well as being trained workplace coaches. They have a heart for helping people develop their relationship with Christ and reach their full potential.

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