The exodus and conquest of Canaan tell a story of abject failure in the most promising possible circumstances. Paul tells us the details are deliberately recorded to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes.

In the Old Testament, Moab was a place just outside of the Promised Land. How many of us feel like that is where we end up? Close to, but just outside of all that God has for us? In this session, we will look at Naomi and Ruth and how we can get back to Bethlehem.

God is calling us not just to be committed to Movement theory and thinking, but to be a Spirit-Empowered Movement. Aligning leaders, churches and ministries to one purpose - to change the spiritual landscape wherever we are in one generation

How can we remain passionately committed to sharing the Gospel and growing the Kingdom in the face of a quickly changing landscape?

Environment matters. The sower sows, the seed is miraculous, the only variable is the environment. Let’s explore what kinds of environments cultivate the miraculous.

As leaders we know the importance of effective and strategic prayer in advancing the purposes of God on earth. However, it is true that prayer meetings are often the least attended church activities. In this session, we will be exploring some of the key principles necessary in shifting our churches from just having a prayer meeting to having a prayer culture.


Our definitions will determine our destinations. It is critical in a Christian world obsessed with the word leadership that we allow the Spirit and Word of God to define that for us. Jesus stands as the clearest and purest example of leadership. May this be a challenge and encouragement to all who aspire to lead in His footsteps.

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