Step 3 – Freedom In Christ

What is Freedom In Christ?

Freedom in Christ is a course for people who want to become fruitful disciples of Jesus. This course is a brilliant resource for those who are new to the Christian faith as well as those who have been Christians for a while.

Freedom in Christ is rooted in the Bible and helps us to: explore and discover our identity in Christ; recognise and demolish strongholds in our lives; break free from negative thinking/things from our past and take hold of Christ’s truth – equipping us to live transformed lives as fruitful disciples.


What happens during a Freedom In Christ course?

Freedom in Christ is a ten week course. The sessions are DVD-led – the DVD introduces and explores the session topic; inviting participants at various points during the evening to discuss and share with others around their table. There is a ‘Participant’s Guide’ book to follow through during the sessions and to use at home.

During the course there are two ‘Steps to Freedom’ mornings, where participants are led through steps to help deal with, and break free from, negative thinking/things from the past.

How do I book on to the course?

There is a small cost for the materials which is subsidised by the church, normally about £5. To book a place on our next course, please contact us by completing  the below form.

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