Launceston Revival Meetings

Since 2019, we have been passionate about creating space for the Holy Spirit to move within our church and communities. As we navigated through the Covid-19 pandemic, as a leadership, we were sensing that the Holy Spirit wanted to do something powerful in the autumn of 2021. It meant that we wanted to be obedient to that word and create space to welcome the Holy Spirt to minister to us.

In June, Micheal Bryant contacted us to enquire about holding a couple of meetings in July 2021. As the date came closer, it became clear that the timing was not right, so these meetings were cancelled. 

In faith, we re-arranged the meetings for September. Kevin then asked Michael to extend his visit to include a meeting in Bodmin on 16th September to help discern some spiritual activity that was present in the St Lawrence’s area of Bodmin. So we started the Revival Meetings in Bodmin on 16th September. On the 17th, it transferred to Launceston. Each day, the presence of the Holy Spirit became stronger and stronger. People were being healed, people making commitments, people being filled with the Holy Ghost and people being set free from debilitating demons. We sensed something special was breaking out here in Launceston. A small market town in North Cornwall with a huge amount of history, including its own castle. A town wedged between two moors and situated next to the main road in Cornwall and Devon. Just like John 1:46, where Nathanael said “can anything good come from Nazareth?”, what good could come out of Launceston? In the Scripture Phillip then replies to Nathanael, “come and see”. 

#launcestonrevial has been shaped to pour out in three phases. 

  • Phase one – 16th September to 23rd September – 8 days – on average 40 people each night attended
  • Phase two – 9th October – 21st October – 13 days – on average 60 people each night attended
  • Phase three – 12th November – 1st December – 19 days – on average 30 people each night attended

The second phase finished on Thursday 21st October with a baptism service in which seven people were baptised. Seven people, who just a few weeks earlier had no relationship with Jesus. They were by their own admission, lost people now saved by grace.

We continue to seek the Lord’s next steps and pray for Michael as he prepares for the the next chapter in this incredible awakening.